The Silver Bead by Helen Dunmore

The Silver Bead by Helen Dunmore was first published in 2003 and it’s the third in a trilogy, the only one that I’ve read though. It’s aimed at girls who are just about to move up to secondary/high school.

Zillah and Katie have just experienced the last day of primary school and are planning to have the best summer holidays ever. Zillah’s parents have a farm but things are tough and they’re diversifying so Zillah’s mum is serving cream teas to visitors, helped by Zillah and Katie who have been friends for years. But as often happens in life their plans are overtaken by circumstances that they could all do without.

This book is entertaining for females of all ages, I can’t imagine it would interest boys, although they would also benefit from the book’s attitude to people who are a bit different from others, such as those from the travelling community.

2 thoughts on “The Silver Bead by Helen Dunmore

  1. I didn’t know about this trilogy. Based on your reading of the third novel, would you go on to read the first and second ones? I still have much more of Helen Dunmore’s oeuvre to read. If only life would slow down a little.

    • Judith,
      I will read them if and when I come across them, mainly because if I like an author I like to read everything they’ve written – eventually.

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