A Woodland Walk in Balbirnie, Fife

Let’s pretend that we’re going on a wee walk through the local woodlands in Fife. I took these photos on May 20th just when we were grabbing every good day – just in case it was the last of the summer.

It was such a late spring that a week or so before these photos were taken there was hardly any sign of green at all, but suddenly everything just exploded when our seemingly never ending winter lost its grip. There’s a wee wooden bridge in the distance – it’s perfect for playing Poohsticks, but I usually just hang over it nowadays looking for fish, and sometimes I see one or two.


The burn is fairly silent until it reaches a tumble of stones and old displaced cobbles, evidence of what had been a ford until the rushing water took its toll.

woodland path

Here and there there are groves of these ferns, so elegant looking as they unfurl, I think they might be Shuttlecock ferns but there are so many different kinds, I’m not sure. I’ve just noticed that there are hogweeds beginning to grow on the edges, I hope they don’t eventually crowd the ferns out.

This woodland was part of a Victorian private estate but is now freely open to the public.

It’s not all green!

We’ve now reached the rhododendrons, these ones were obviously planted here because they’re directly opposite the front windows of the ‘big hoose’ which is now a hotel. I just noticed a couple of days ago that those posts with wire fencing on them to the far right of the photo below have small padlocks attached to them, so that fad which started in Paris must still be ongoing, crazy, but no doubt the padlock manufacturers are happy about it. I think the ‘fence’ looks completely out of place though.


I hope that that stretched your legs a bit and maybe cooled you down if you’re still stuck in intense heat. The rain arrived here today, I’m not complaining about it as it’s badly needed, I just wish that we could arrange for it just to rain overnight!

6 thoughts on “A Woodland Walk in Balbirnie, Fife

  1. That looks so lovely. I would enjoy walking along that stream. It is raining here right now. I am hoping it will break the heat. I am done with summer or at least done with extreme heat.

    • Jennifer,
      It has been raining here too for the last couple of days but until now the summer has been great by our standards. We are getting greedy though and want summer back again!

  2. You should disclose the location of the walks. I am not sure why where you live is such a big secret. I guess it is in or near Cupar or Glenrothes. I used to live in Balmullo and St Andrews so it would be interesteng to put a name to the walks.

    • H,
      This walk is one of the many around the Balbirnie estate at Markinch, so not far from Glenrothes. I thought I had tagged it Balbirnie but it seems to be just the last two photos of the rhoddies that I’ve tagged Balbirnie, if you click on them.

  3. After weeks, months, of high 80s and low 90s weather, your walk in the woods was refreshing. We had more torrential rain last night and this morning it’s a refreshing 69F. I’m still jealous of all the lovely walks you have near you!

    • Joan,
      That is still very warm by our standards. We’ve had two days of constant rain then woke up to just grey skies this morning, however we got soaked in rain which wasn’t forecast when we walked for the paper! It stopped almost as soon as we got home of course!

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