Rosamunde Pilcher 1924 – 2019

I knew that Rosamunde Pilcher had sold her home north of Dundee fairly recently, and that she was a fair old age so it wasn’t really a surprise when I saw that she had died a few days ago. I must admit that despite the fact that Rosamunde Pilcher set so many of her books in Scotland and had lived most of her life in Scotland, I got to her books very late on. In fact it was my German pen pal who spurred me on to read her as she is a huge fan of her books, as so many Germans are. That seems a bit strange to me but there is even a Rosamunde Pilcher trail in Cornwall where she was born and where her earlier books were set, and apparently German tourists flock there for the trail. You can read more about the trail and the German filming in Cornwall which draws the tourists, here.

You can read her Guardian obituary here.

10 thoughts on “Rosamunde Pilcher 1924 – 2019

  1. I wasn’t aware that she had died. I think I’ve read and enjoyed all of her books and own quite a few. I’ve been a fan since reading The Shellseekers which I think is my favorite, but I also love September and Coming Home. I’ve never watched any of the books that have been adapted into movies. Do you know if they are worth watching?

    • Paula,
      She only dies a couple of days ago and it didn’t make the news here, I think she is more popular in Germany and the US than she was at home. I haven’t seen any of the movies, I think they’re made for German TV but I suppose they might be available on Netflix. I’d love to see them – if only for the Cornish scenery. I think The Shellseekers is my favourite too.

  2. Oh, Katrina,
    I knew that Pilcher was quite on in years, but I’m so sad to hear of her passing. How I love Winter Solstice–one of my favorite novels. I should read more of hers, and I really haven’t. I would probably enjoy her other novels. Thank you for letting us know. Sigh…

    • Judith,
      It seems to be a bad time for female British writers although to be fair they seem to have long lives. Mary Stewart died just a few years ago and I think she was 99.

    • Jennifer,
      I suspect that she just couldn’t cope with writing into extreme old age, it must be difficult to remember what you’ve written previously – and to keep all the characters in your mind. She certainly didn’t need the money, I had no idea she had earned so much from her writing – over £100 million apparently, but the film rights must have been lucrative too.

  3. I too, hadn’t realised that she had died. I loved her books back in the day and one day I’ll re-read at least one or two. (Winter Solstice is perhaps my favourite.) I’ve very recently discovered Marcia Willett, whose writing is likened to Rosamunde Pilcher’s. She has written many books in that style and I’ve really enjoyed the first one I’ve read. So far as I can tell, her books are all set in the West Country – no mention of Scotland.

    • Sandra,
      West is best as far as I’m concerned so I would enjoy a West Country setting, I’ll look out for her books. I know that some filming for one of the German TV programmes was going on on a Cornish beach last year as I saw it on the news.

  4. Shamefully I don’t think I have read any of her books. I think I must read at least one this year. From other people’s comments it seems Winter Solstice is a good one to start with.

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