Another walk – Cockburnspath and Cove, Scottish Borders / Berwickshire

We had arranged to go and visit our friend Eric last Monday and luckily it turned out to be a beautiful day for it. But then it always seems to be a blue sky sparkling sort of a day around Cove and Cockburnspath in Berwickshire whenever we go there. Why not join me on my walk there?

The lands of Cockburnspath were part of the dowry given by James IV of Scotland to Margaret Tudor (daughter of Henry VII of England) on their marriage in 1503, it’s a lovely place but so off the beaten track that few people seem to know about the place. Our visits always include a walk down to the coast to the teeny wee historic harbour of Cove. This time we went the scenic way along narrow lanes, avoiding the main road. This flowering currant was putting on a good show beside one rather remote cottage.
Flowering currant, Cockburnspath, Berwickshire. Scotland

Stone Cottages

The lane becomes a narrow footpath, as you can see the daffodils are out.
Path , Cockburnspath, Cove, Berwickshire, Scotland

It isn’t long before you catch a glimpse of the coast in the distance across some fields.
Cove bluffs

I was relieved to see that the tide wasn’t too far in.
Cove sea , Berwickshire, Scotland

Cove sea , Cockburnspath, Berwickshire, Scotland

Uther the red and white setter was in a hurry to get down there, but I lagged behind him, Jack and Eric, taking my time to get some photos.

Cove Path, near Cockburnspath

Cove, near Cockburnspath, Berwickshire, Scotland

It certainly felt like spring had sprung, but Uther didn’t brave the sea, in fact he never does. He just loves the sights and smells, and enjoys digging up crabs to crunch now and again. I suspect those crabs must be dead but they don’t seem to cause him any harm.

I’ll continue with our journey tomorrow. I hope you’re up for it, it’s just a pity that you can’t catch the fresh coastal air.

Meanwhile you can see more of my older photos here.

10 thoughts on “Another walk – Cockburnspath and Cove, Scottish Borders / Berwickshire

  1. It is a pity indeed! What a lovely place to walk and enjoy the scenery. I’m more than a little jealous:) As much as I try to embrace the natural beauty of where I live, I’m not always successful at doing that. Oh well…..

    • Paula,
      I have no idea what you might find in your neighbourhood but if it’s bears and snakes, I wouldn’t be wandering about a lot either!

  2. What a beautiful walk! Thanks for taking us along. I believe I can smell the salt air and feel that coastal spring breeze.

  3. Just beautiful. Like some of the coastal and harbour landscapes that were so well-described in stories I read as a child.
    Lovely dog!

    • Valerie,
      I like to get a loan of a dog from time to time! How interesting, I often think that one coastline might be much like another, apart from maybe different types of rocks.

  4. Katrina,
    What extraordinary photos! Oh, my poor mud-season heart just luxuriated in this walk. And Uther, what a handsome beast! I love the image of him crunching on crabs.
    We’re really, really messy around here right now. Dirty ice, dirty snow, and MUD! Going down to 20 degrees tonight, but the sun warms things up above freezing each day. Excellent maple sugaring weather.

    • Judith,
      It’s cold again here, but not as cold as you are. I’ve heard of maple sugaring but we don’t do it here. Maybe it doesn’t get cold enough.

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