RHS Chelsea Flower Show

I had actually decided last year that 2019 would be the year for me to visit the Chelsea Flower Show but – we went on that Baltic cruise instead. Luckily we did get home just in time to enjoy watching Chelsea on TV. I have to say though that this has been the least impressive year that I can remember. I adore trees and there are certainly a lot of them at Chelsea this year and I love lots of different shades of green but for me that should be balanced by beautiful colours.

Whether the flowers are what some people would regard as genteel and muted tones, or a more exuberant explosion of colour is a matter of taste, I’m a bit greedy and love both styles, but I feel a bit colour deprived having viewed the show gardens this year, admittedly I haven’t managed to view all of the gardens as I’ve been trying to catch up with post holiday clothes washing and getting stuck into my own garden.

If you haven’t been able to see the TV coverage you can still see many of the gardens here.

I did love the garden that the Duchess of Cambridge helped to design it was obviously a winner with children, but I didn’t like the M&G Garden by Andy Sturgeon, I hated all that burnt wood. I do like the Welcome To Yorkshire garden, probably because of all the stonework and the cute wee house.

Do you have a favourite?

6 thoughts on “RHS Chelsea Flower Show

  1. I loved the woodsy “nature garden” – with the stream, ferns, little pathways, huts, mossy stones; it was the kind of little paradise I loved exploring or reading about as a child and ever since.
    I need to check out some of the other entries, I haven’t seen them in detail and I’m sure they’ll be wonderful.

    • Valerie,
      That’s my kind of garden too. I’d love to build a natural looking water feature in my garden but I think it might attract loads of midges – and there are enough around already.

  2. I’m also behind with my Chelsea viewing but like you, I’d picked up on the amount of green. I have just two days before I’m away; I hope to at least look at the show gardens before then.

  3. Your post brings back memories of my trip to Chelsea in 1999. I loved seeing the gardens and brought back to the U.S. several ideas for new plants – and a very heavy stone lion’s head gargoyle spout that I carried on the plane with me!

    • Joan,
      I plan to go to one of the other garden shows, maybe Malvern – eventually. I don’t think I’ll ever brave the crowds at Chelsea. Have you fixed up that lion’s head gargoyle, it would be very popular with the birds in your garden, although they are already well catered for with a heated bath I believe!

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