Jane Austen’s England by Maggie Lane

Jane Austen's England cover

I actually ran out of books to read when I was on that recent Baltic cruise, I think I read seven books in two weeks, which just shows you that I found being on board rather boring. I ended up having to peruse the books in the very small library and I settled on Jane Austen’s England by Maggie Lane.

This was an enjoyable read although more than anything it made me think it was probably time that I reacquainted myself with some of Austen’s books that I haven’t read for decades. The author writes about the books as well as accounts of Jane’s life and death and the places that she lived. A previous reader had helpfully numbered in pencil all of what are now A roads whenever two towns were mentioned, just in case any reader wanted to pinpoint the road exactly. There are plenty of interesting illustrations too – as I recall.

4 thoughts on “Jane Austen’s England by Maggie Lane

  1. Katrina,
    Thanks for mentioning this book. I’m going to see if our library system has it.
    I think I’ll be reading Austen’s books over and over again. I’m going to read Mansfield Park at the height of our autumn season–the most glorious time of the year here. Reading it for the Back to the Classics Challenge.

      • It would be wonderful to have company for a reading of Mansfield Park, Katrina. I’m thinking I’d like to start reading it about September 22nd, the beginning of “glory days” around here. Not sure how that would fit in with your plans. I’m willing to make an adjustment if that doesn’t suit.

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