My garden in August

I took these three photos of my garden in August, that time when the plants take a bit of a breather before maybe deciding to give us a second flush of blooms. The first one was taken looking towards the house from the so called summer house, otherwise an oddly shaped shed which I must say has become more of a potting shed than anything else.

August Garden

Those pink everlasting sweet peas climbing on the left hand side of the wooden archway have become a bit of a menace though – and they don’t even have any scent! That’s one plant I should definitely have avoided at the supermarket.

August Garden

Despite the fact that we’re very nearly in November now and have had frost and some ice, the flowers in the old chimney pot in the photo below are still blooming away. Osteospermums and lobelia, they’ve been great this year.
August Garden

I’ve taken some photos of the garden in autumn, but I’ll leave them for next week.

4 thoughts on “My garden in August

  1. Those pink sweet peas used to grow wild where I lived and initially I was thrilled as they look gorgeous – very disappointing to realise they were unscented.
    I see Wiki describes it as a “robust perennial” – mine survived heat, drought, frost, snow, and maraudings by sheep and goats!
    I love the fragrance of proper Sweet Peas, so summery.

    • Valerie,
      I tried digging the whole plant up last year but it is determined to stay – very robust! Me too, I love proper Sweet Peas, their fragrance can fill a whole room.

  2. Hi Katrina,
    How I thrill to views of your garden! How beautiful and how nice of you to share with us. I am awe-struck by what you’ve been able to accomplish in a few short years. Well, a handful of years? Actually, I have forgotten when you moved in to your current digs.

    • Judith,
      We’ve been here five and a half years now – how time flies! Actually some bits of the garden are getting quite overgrown and I’m not great at cutting things back. Daftly it feels painful to me to be lopping off bits of trees and shrubs, but I’ll have to cut back more than I have so far.

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