The Classics Club spin number 21 – not quite

I think I’ve completed all of the Classics Club spins and I intend to finish number 21 but for the first time I haven’t managed to finish my book (The Tempest) within the time allotted. I got The Tempest in the spin, something I’ve been wanting to read for years.

However, October just ran away from me and before I knew it it was the end of the month – where did the rest of it go? I’ll have my thoughts on The Tempest on ‘Pining’ by tomorrow. Honest!

4 thoughts on “The Classics Club spin number 21 – not quite

  1. I find that the “good” autumn months–September and October–whiz by faster than I can stand. Then again, our extremely buggy months and hot months tend to drag, but autumn is just too perfect. Looking forward to your thoughts on The Tempest. I’ve never read it.

    • Judith,
      Our autumn seems to whizz past nowadays and the winter begins earlier than it used to I’m sure. Luckily we don’t have as many bugs as you have and this year I’ve only seem two wasps – which is a bit of a worry, but my lavender bushes have been very busy with bees right up until last week, so they seem to be thriving here anyway.

        • Judith,
          I love them too and I have only just cut back my lavender bushes because they were still busy on them right up until last week, dozens and dozens at a time. The kids around here love watching them too.

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