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There were a few articles that really struck me in this week’s Guardian. The first one is titled Laws of Nature. Apparently a movement is gaining momentum that grants legal rights to natural phenomena such as rivers, lakes, trees and mountains. Robert Macfarlane investigates the rise of the new animism. I’m all for it if it means that such wonders of nature are going to be nurtured for future generations instead of being plundered and polluted for business purposes as they often are nowadays. But of course it’s not as simple as that. You can read the article here.

Novel Houses by Christina Hardyment is subtitled Twenty Famous Fictional Dwellings. I had it in my mind that writing books where houses are as much a character as the people was something that was done mainly by female authors, but of course I was wrong about that as you’ll see if you read the review here.

Have you read Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy? I enjoyed them some years ago and I think that the new BBC1 dramatisation has been really well done. I hadn’t realised that Pullman had inadvertently invented the name Lyra. It’s quite a rare thing to do, but the inventors of Pamela, Miranda and Vanessa get a name check, however this article doesn’t mention that J.M. Barrie invented the name Wendy, from calling a little girl a ‘fwendy’ originally.

If we were lucky enough to have a daemon (animal manifestation of the human soul) what would yours be? Mine changes from time to time, but then I am a Gemini – allegedly! Having a red squirrel daemon appeals to me at the moment.

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  1. I see you thought my comment too controversial to publish.

    Well, it may not be the Grauniad (sic) but the Spectator put it more eloquently and published a similar criticism of the cast and steam punk.

    I have put my email address in case you would like to reply but honestly I felt like abandoning your blog because of the censorship.

    I am assuming of course that when I pressed the “Post Comment” button it reached you for validation.

    • Hamish,
      I have no idea what you mean about censorship as I’ve approved any comments from you, but maybe one ended up in spam by mistake, I don’t always trawl through it all. Was it about His Dark Materials?
      I’ve just read The Spectator you linked to, I don’t think it was that bad and I feel it’s quite unfair to judge anything after just one episode of anything as it’s really just scene setting. I don’t think that the colour of any character’s skin was mentioned in the book and it is an alternative universe so it’s fair enough to use black actors. I do agree about World on Fire though, I’ve watched it all but it has so many inconsistencies in it, I’m watching to gripe about the mistakes.

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