Book Inscriptions – yes – or no?

I’ve talked about book inscriptions here before. I love to read the inscriptions in the secondhand books that I buy, but I never write in books myself. I just can’t bring myself to do it, although before I got married I used to write my name inside my books and even used pretty book plates at one time. Marriage cured me of that, I think it was probably something to do with the change of name! I’ve often thought about using post it notes to stick on books, just with my name and maybe the place and date that I bought it, but haven’t got around to actually doing that. But I would never write in a book that I was giving to someone, in fact I probably wouldn’t give a book as a gift unless I knew for certain the person wanted it.

Anyway, in last week’s Guardian Review section there’s an article by Elle Hunt about book giving and inscriptions and you can read it here.

Otherwise I’m probably just like you at the moment only more so as I also have Jack’s Christmas Eve birthday to think about. I suspect that it’s only the imminent arrival of visitors, even the family kind, that makes me get stuck into the housework. I’d rather read!

4 thoughts on “Book Inscriptions – yes – or no?

  1. I don’t write in books I’m giving because my writing is so untidy – I’d do it if I had lovely handwriting though! I do like reading inscriptions in second hand books, or when other people inscribe a book they give to me. Have a great Christmas!

    • FictionFan,
      My handwriting is awful too, the pen always seems to be one step ahead of my brain somehow! Have a lovely Christmas and best wishes for 2020.

  2. Oh, Katrina, I sympathize with that housework baloney–or bologna!! I’m dealing with that because Ken’s cousin will arrive for Martin Luther King’s weekend, around January 18th. And he is unfortunately a neatnik or nasty-neat individual, although I like him very, very much!
    I wish you the very best during the Christmastide, and I hope you garner time to yourself to read or to knit or to just ponder!
    I managed to order a turkey cut into all kinds of pieces for roasting on Christmas Day from a wonderful market in Saratoga Springs (90 minute drive away!). Our propane oven has never roasted a whole turkey well, never. And how I have tried and tried! I’m sure I’ll have better luck with turkey “hunks.” Ken managed to find some cranberry wine. Tomorrow I pick up the turkey chunks, Tuesday I bake Ken’s favorite Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies and we have dinner out at a wonderful restaurant at 5pm Christmas Eve. Christmas movies after that and bed. Then Christmas Day the turkey with the fixings. Why do I feel tired already? Sandy is going to LOVE the turkey, especially the turkey liver! More to come soon.

    • Judith,
      My trouble is I would rather do so many other things than the housework. We generally live in a comfy clutter (books, knitting, the Guardian and such) which probably horrifies the anal neat type! Your turkey sounds interesting, as do the Tollhouse cookies. A 90 minute drive away is my beloved ‘west’ and we hardly ever go there as it seems so far so I can’t imagine driving 90 minutes to go to a market, having said that I’ve travelled a lot further to go to antique fairs or fleamarkets just to have a rake around. It sounds like Sandy is going to have a great time. Have a lovely and relaxing Christmas, good luck with the turkey chunks!

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