Out of the Past by Patricia Wentworth

Out of the Past cover

Out of the Past by Patricia Wentworth was first published in 1955 and it’s a Miss Silver mystery.

James Hardwick and his wife Carmona are living in an old house on the south coast which James has inherited from an uncle. It’s an ugly place and they hope to sell it soon, but as it’s a very hot summer they have several house guests staying with them, then another one unexpectedly turns up.

Alan Field had been engaged to Carmona in the past but he had left her standing waiting for him at the altar, and she hadn’t seen him again. He obviously expects to stay at the house, but James isn’t going to allow that to happen and Alan is dispatched to a boarding house nearby.

When murder ensues there’s a plethora of suspects and Miss Silver who is having a holiday with her niece and staying at the boarding house ends up sorting it all out of course.

I really liked this one and as ever I appreciated the updates on Maud Silver’s knitting projects. She knitted a pink coatee for a baby and matching bootees, her knitting obviously helps her to relax and think through all the clues to the mysteries. What a woman!

4 thoughts on “Out of the Past by Patricia Wentworth

  1. You have reminded that I need to read another of the Miss Silver books I have. I don’t have this one, but I have others to pick from. I am also behind on reading Miss Marple books.

    • tracybham,
      I bought this one a while ago and forgot about I had it. It’s ages since I’ve read a Miss Marple but I have a feeling that I prefer Miss Silver, I should try that theory out.

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