Moscow – a jigsaw puzzle

Unfinished Moscow Jigsaw

This jigsaw puzzle of Moscow is only the third one we have completed since the lockdown and I must admit that I enjoyed doing this one a lot more than the last one which was the Venice puzzle – the sky of which did more or less defeat me – but thankfully not Jack.

This one too had a lot of sky.

Moscow Jigsaw Finished

With careful scrutiny of the accompanying small poster it was fairly easy to figure out all the very different designs on the buildings, steeples and onion domes. Now we just have to decide which puzzle to do next, New York which looks fiendish or London which is not nearly as attractive as this one is – sorry London.

6 thoughts on “Moscow – a jigsaw puzzle

  1. What a beautiful puzzle! Great minds think alike – today I posted about the puzzle I’ve done during the lockdown – Bamburgh Castle. I’m not finding it easy to write book reviews at the moment but Jigsaws are just perfect!

    • Margaret,
      I’ve just hopped over to you to have a look at it. For some reason I didn’t get an email telling me you had done a post today, maybe they’re running late! Yes I’m finding that jigsaws and gardening are keeping me sane-ish!

  2. That’s a nice puzzle. Who makes it? Jigsaw puzzles are great for times like these. They force you to focus on the puzzle and forget about the craziness of the world for a little while.

    • Joan,
      This is from a box of four puzzles sold by WH Smith, a big newsagent/stationery chain. There’s no clue as to who actually made the puzzles though. I think I’ll have to order some more as I only have New York left after we finish London.

  3. I do love these two puzzles! I’ve got to find table space for a puzzle we haven’t done that’s in storage. Must do! It would be perfect for both of us right now. We’re still trying to figure out how we’ll survive summer without our most important summer pastimes–for me, that’s my local hotel swimming pool and for Ken, that’s pickleball. How about you?

    • Judith,

      We use a ‘tea table’ which folds out to double its size and is ideal for doing puzzles on, a card table would work too.

      We are looking forward to walking somewhere more scenic and exciting than the local woodlands are. We’ll be hiking up a hill as soon as we are allowed to I think! I have never even heard of pickleball.

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