Cherry blossom

Who doesn’t love cherry blossom? I wait for it to signal that spring has really sprung and summer isn’t so far away, but so often the blossom lasts only a week or so and then the wind blows it all off and the ground is strewn with confetti petals. But the tree below is one that I pass every morning on my daily walk for the Guardian and it has held its blossom for about three weeks. It’s a sort of Goldilocks size, not too big and not too small, just perfect although, if you look at the photo you will see a baby version of it has appeared just to the right, possibly from a root sucker. The main tree is probably about 15 feet high and is obviously quite old.
Cherry Blossom, Fife, tree

I crossed the road to take a photo pointing my camera up at its canopy. It’s a beautiful soft shade of white, even more lovely than the pink variety I think.

Cherry Blossom, tree

Two weeks later I took the photo below and as you can see the leaves are beginning to take over from the blossom which doesn’t look quite so white now. This is the sort of cherry tree that I should have planted in my own garden, instead of the monster that I inadvertently planted, sadly I don’t know what variety this one is – not that I have any space for more trees now anyway!

cherry blossom, tree

2 thoughts on “Cherry blossom

  1. So pretty! The cherry tree in my garden is blossoming too, as is the crabapple. The bees are busy buzzing away around the flowers!

    • Stefanie,
      It has been unusually warm here (a bit of a worry!) and it’s the first time that I’ve really been able to smell quite a strong scent from the various blossom out at the moment. The bees are having a good time.

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