Apple Blossom in my garden

This year I took some photos of the apple tree in my garden as it blossomed. It begins a deep pink colour but opens to pale pink and then mainly white. This is the only plant that was in the garden when we bought this house. I’ve since planted another apple tree but it is a later variety.

apple blossom
We had some hail today, our weather has gone really crazy, but it shouldn’t affect the apples as they haven’t budded yet, so my fingers are crossed as we didn’t get any apples last year because of a late frost.
apple blossom, my garden

apple blossom, my garden

apple blossom, my garden

It was so hot last week when I took the last photo, and until then I hadn’t realised that apple blossom actually had a scent, the heat really brought it out and I’m surprised that no perfumiers have tried to capture it as it’s really lovely, or maybe they have tried, I’m not a great one for perfume in fact I think a lot of them smell really horrible and a whiff of some of them leave me with a three day migraine. I hold my breath when going through the perfume department of any department store – remember those places? They were becoming an endangered species in recent times and I think that Covid-19 might do most of them in completely, but I suppose that’s the least of our worries at the moment. The delicate looking blossom survives though.
apple blossom, my garden

10 thoughts on “Apple Blossom in my garden

  1. Lovely! I’m writing from Wisconsin US where we welcomed Mother’s Day with snow flurries. Truly everything everywhere is upside down, but your posts and pics open a window to fresh air every time. Thank you!

    • Beth,
      I’m glad you enjoy the posts. I’ve seen some photos of Vermont at the weekend and they had quite a bit of snow, but I’ve heard that this will be the hottest summer yet worldwide. It’s definitely global warming! Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment.

  2. Those blossoms are gorgeous, Katrina, and it amazing how they look so different as they open fully. You have probably said before, but what are the red flowers below?

    • tracybham,
      The red flower is a Euphorbia called Fireglow. It dies down in the winter but comes back again in the spring, in fact it’s too rampant and I’ll have to dig some up – carefully – as the milky sap from the stems can give you a nasty burn and apparently it can take up to seven years before your skin recovers properly!

  3. I love the fragrance of apple-blossom – I take care when smelling though, as the flowers are often full of bees!
    What varieties of apples are they?

    • Valerie,
      I have no idea what that one is because it is the one plant that was in this garden when we moved here, the apples don’t keep well, but the other apple tree which is blossoming later is a cox. I’ll take photos of that one as it opens too.

    • Constance,
      Thanks for that link, the blossom photo is beautiful. I suspect that the blossom in each variety of apple is quite different, I know the two small trees that I have in my garden are different and even blossom at different times, but it all seems to be shades of pink or even red before it opens.

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