Balbirnie, Fife

In normal times (remember them?) we would have done quite a bit of travelling around by this time of the year, but we haven’t been further than seven miles from home for over three months now, and that trip was just to buy some tools so that Jack could do some emergency plumbing himself. He earned many Brownie points! Eventually. Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of reading and walking locally so here we go on another local walk in rural Fife.

The photos were taken in late May when the bluebells were out, but they are really just a haze.

bluebells, Balbirnie, Fife

bluebells , Balbirnie, Fife

bluebells, Japanese maples

It’s quite well known for rhododendrons.

Balbirnie, Rhododendron

But the one below is a mystery to me, very pretty though.

Balbirnie shrub

Balbirnie,  trees

I love that the shattered tree below is determined to hang on to life years after most of it crashed to the ground in a storm.

Broken Tree, Balbirnie

This land which used to belong to the Balfour family, related to the Arthur Balfour who was a British Prime Minister in the early 1900s is now owned by the local council and this year instead of mowing all the grass they are just cutting paths through it. Obviously this is a cost cutting exercise but it’s also great for the wildlife and plants, and very scenic I think. Tomorrow Nicola Sturgeon will hold her usual 12.30 news Covid-19 update, maybe we’ll be allowed to travel more than five miles from home – you never know your luck!

Balbirnie  vista, Fife

6 thoughts on “Balbirnie, Fife

  1. Have driven just over a hundred miles in total since March – must make sure driving doesn’t become a lost art to me!
    Beautiful gardens. Is the mystery shrub a Spirea of some kind?

    • Valerie,
      I don’t think it is a Spirea although it is similar in colour. We probably haven’t even driven as far as a hundred miles since March, and annoyingly the petrol prices are rock bottom now, under £1 a litre.

  2. Oh, gosh, Katrina–I guess I haven’t left a comment here about how much I enjoyed this walk. Simply lovely, and so appreciated.
    I’m sorry to hear, via your comment on Tracy’s blog, that people in your area have been experiencing “Mask-wearing Fatigue.”
    It is so incredibly aggravating and annoying, but it is a problem here, too. Even when a store signage says, “Face Masks Required,” people trod in without one. Last time I was at my local grocery, a man strode in, all cocky and striding like a bull at market, without a mask, with a mean expression on his face, daring anyone to challenge him. His wife and his child were adorned in face masks. No, but not him. And, no, he was not there to help with the shopping. Oh, no, he strode up and down the aisles daring anyone to speak to him.
    And then we have the people, lots of them, who only have the masks covering their mouths, not their noses.
    I actually have asked these folks to cover up, but they say, “Oh, I have to wear a mask all day at work!” Oh, we have so few cases now.
    Because Ken is immuno-compromised, this does irritate me and does, indeed scare me.
    So sorry to wax on about this. The problem is that now people from all over the country are coming here to “vacation.” And many of those people are from states where cases are rising exponentially.
    I think, in the end, that it is so sad that people don’t care what they do or how it may affect others.
    How are you managing with this annoyance? Would love to hear.
    And I hope that you and your sons and their wives and, of course, Jack, are doing well. Thinking of you!

    • Judith,
      Things are moving slowly here, but by Monday we will be allowed to travel to visit family, in their garden, or they could come here. If they have to go into the house to use the loo it must be disinfected. At the moment we are still only allowed to travel 5 miles and it should just be for food shopping. I’m happy that Nicola Sturgeon (Scotland’s First Minister) is being so cautious but people are beginning to get a bit fed up. Wouldn’t it be great if shop owners could have a big hooked stick to grab the idiots by the neck and haul them out? I suppose that that man you saw thinks it is all ‘fake news’.! I’m just sitting here watching CNN and the Tulsa Trump crowd. It looks like it’s going to be a bit of a disaster for the Covid stats. My sister has COPD so hasn’t been out of her house since March and has been told she must stay home until the end of July at least. I’m thinking of your Ken especially at this time – and of you of course. Stay safe and well. Luckily our boys and their wives can work from home and have only been leaving home to do food shopping – wearing masks of course.

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