Tynemouth Castle and Priory, Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear

I can hardly believe it, but way back in December 2019 we visited some friends down in Sunderland, the north-east of England, and while there we went to see Tynemouth Castle and Priory, we had never been there before. December seems a strange time to be taking a longish trip ‘down south’ but it was a very mild winter.

Tynemouth  Castle

Tynemouth  Castle  and Priory, Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear

The castle is a ruin but the priory part is quite well preserved. If you are interested you can read about the history of the place here. This was one of the many religious places that were suppressed by Henry VIII during his Anne Boleyn phase.
Tynemouth  Castle, Tynemoth, Tyne and Wear

Tynemouth  Castle, stained glass, Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear

As usual a lot of the stonework would have been re-used in local buildings after the priests and monks were driven off. Then the area was heavily fortified, something which continued for years because of the strategic position overlooking the River Tyne and in the photo below you can see the remains of the gun emplacements from the Second World War
Tynemouth  Castle, Tyne and Wear

The earliest settlement here dates from the Iron Age 800 BC – AD 43, but the ruins that we can see today date from 1090.

Tynemouth  Castle, Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear

It’s an interesting place to visit and if you happen to be there at a weekend then it’s worthwhile having a look at the market which is situated at the railway station. There are all sorts of stalls and Jack and I managed to find some books worth buying – and I couldn’t resist buying some old glass bottles, Veno’s cough mixture and such, they wash up on the beaches around the area apparently.

Tynemouth  Castle entrance,Tyne and Wear,

2 thoughts on “Tynemouth Castle and Priory, Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear

  1. Went and read the history, fascinating. Lovely pictures too. Living in America I’m always in awe of the long, documented history of places like the UK. Amazing to me how long buildings and art,etc. can last.

    • Carl,
      We are really lucky to have so many historical places all over the country. I live very close to a 5,000 year old stone circle, a castle and a Stewart hunting palace, the last two used as locations in Outlander.

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