River Tay, Perth, Scotland

For obvious reasons our travelling this year has been very much curtailed, but I’ve been coping well with having to keep within the guidelines for travelling around, even when we were only allowed out for an hour a day for exercise, and to go to the supermarket. But it looks like we in Fife will have to stick to our own county again soon as Covid stats rise again. So last Thursday we drove to Perth in the neighbouring county, just for a change – and while we could. I wasn’t interested in the shops – well – apart from the Oxfam bookshop, but the River Tay is right at the top of the High Street so we went to have a look at it. Unfortunately as you can see from the photos below we were a week or two too late for the best of the autumn colour.

Perth, River Tay at Perth

River Tay at Perth , River Tay, Scotland

There’s a nice old bridge over the river.
River Tay at Perth, Scotland

And a not quite so nice more modern bridge.
River Tay at Perth, Scotland

With my back to the river I took a few steps forward to take the photo below. The river is perilously close to the shops and the town has flooded in the past but I think they’ve solved that problem, for now anyway. I love towns with a river running through them, as all the old places do. The building on the left below with all the flags hanging from it is now the Perth County Council Headquarters. I really like that they are inclusive and happily fly the flags of so many other countries instead of just a Union Jack/flag or Saltire/St Andrews flag.

Perth, Scotland

You can see some great images of Perth here.

Yes I DID buy a couple of books in the Oxfam bookshop, but I’ll keep those for another time.

4 thoughts on “River Tay, Perth, Scotland

  1. Adding Perth to my list of places to visit – when travel starts up again! I am still hoping to study in London and Edinburgh in June but admit it is probably a long shot.

    A mystery I like begins with a sentence something like, “Every great city has a river.” I always think about it when I see a river that is new to me.

    I was in Hereford the day Diana died and although I had just been to Hay on Wye no one had told me that the inventory in August would be picked over and disappointing. I found more books in the charity shops in Hereford. Alas, I had come on the train from London and had a hard time staggering back with my purchases.

    • Constance,
      I hope you do manage to get to Edinburgh to study in the future. Definitely get in touch with us and we’ll show you around. Hay on Wye was such a disappointment for me and Jack and the Scottish ‘Book Town’ is Wigtown and that was disappointing too. There are just too many booklovers who get there before I do! It’s the excess luggage that you would have to pay for the flight home at the end of your stint in the UK that would be a bit of a worry.

  2. Even if the colors in the trees has passed, it’s still pretty in an atmospheric, Gothic way. I like the old bridge better than the new one, too.

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