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Way back in March we ordered a new posh shed – what the sellers all insist in calling summerhouses, and so began a four month long nightmare before the delivery (due to the pandemic). Then when it was delivered several of the parts were wrong, we were putting it together ourselves as we had done one before in the old garden and had no problem doing it. Irate phone calls led to new parts being delivered a week later – still the wrong parts!! Then exactly the same thing happened the following week, I think it’s fair to say I was fuming. So we demanded our money back – and got it. The only trouble with that was we had to start the whole thing again, but this time we chose a local company – not one in distant Cambridge, and they were going to erect it for us. Great, but the trouble was we had to be even more patient as – you guessed it – due to the pandemic the factory/woodmills had locked down. The upshot was that we had to wait until October before taking delivery of our posh new shed, which we’re calling a garden room. It reminds me of a wee Victorian shop, like something out of Cranford. We’re happy with it anyway, it fulfills two functions, blocks off a view of the spa tub next door and stores some things I didn’t want to get rid of and didn’t want to stick in the garage.

New Summerhouse/shed

This area of the garden is very much a work in progress – as all gardens always are I suppose. I’m getting rid of the grass here and extending the gravel area. That will still leave plenty of grass for the birds to mooch around on in the rest of the garden, but will make the grass cutting job less onerous for Jack, he hates doing it.
New Summerhouse/shed

I’ll have fun sorting the wee garden room out internally. If you’ve been reading ‘Pining’ for years then you might remember that when we moved to our present house we bought a summerhouse/shed, mainly because there had been one in the situation before and we couldn’t budge the concrete blocks that had been cemented in as a foundation, the previous people took their summerhouse with them. The photo below is from July 2014.

summerhouse (gazebo)

That summerhouse was a disappointment almost from day one as it leaked and leaked, despite having two layers of roofing felt on it. We had intended sorting it out once and for all over this summer but it rained and rained in June, July, August …. well it’s eaier to say that it was only in May that we had decent weather this year. But we did manage to get a damp proof membrane on the roof of that one followed by heavy grade roofing felt, no nails involved, only stapled edges and glue. Fingers crossed the wind doesn’t do its worst! I do think it’s crazy banging nails in roofs, having said that as you can see there are loads in the new garden room roof, but so far all seems to be well with it. I’m going to use the old summerhouse/posh shed as a sort of potting shed and for overwintering some not so hardy plants. It gets plenty of light and heats up quickly when the sun does come out, so it can double up as a greenhouse for germinating seeds, well that’s the plan anyway. We’ll see how it goes.

You can see what the old one looked like inside here when we first got it, it’s needing some TLC internally now, that’ll be the next thing to tackle. I had to take the books out as I didn’t want them to get damp.

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  1. I love the idea of this but know if I were in charge of (or even assisting) construction a summerhouse would wind up falling down. I can paint a room and hang a picture but that is about it. But the new one looks lovely, especially the windows! I have a two-car garage and only one car so I am lucky I can put a lot of shed stuff in the garage but it gets very damp so definitely no books.

    Where I live, what everyone pines for is a deck off their kitchen. I have a sort of patio area that always needs to be weeded. A deck or a screened porch would be lovely. Maybe some day!

    • Constance,
      We have built a summerhouse before but when we had so much trouble getting a self build one we opted to get a local company to provide one, so they built it, much quicker than we could have done it. Our house is a fairly big family home by UK standards but as empty nesters we are finding it small after the much more spacious Edwardian house we used to have, so we’re seriously thinking of converting the integral garage to living space, as we do have three bookcases in there and as you say, they’re in danger of getting damp.
      Decking here has gone off the boil a bit, it’s bi-fold doors that people want from the kitchen opening out to the garden. I love the look of those US wraparound porches, like the house in The Waltons!

    • tracybham,
      It was one of those things that should have been so simple but ended up being really stressful, and I think they were using Covid as excuse. It has given us a wee bit more breathing space – for the moment anyway!

  2. Building a summer house on a concrete house is a very good idea, I should have done this at my previous house… I love, love, love your new shed with its bow window <3

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