Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, I hesitate to say that it must be better than 2020, I don’t want to tempt fate I suppose, even although in some ways the news has been more hopeful in recent weeks, the new variant seems to be ploughing its way through Fife now so we’re still staying well distanced and safe – we hope.

But it hasn’t been all doom and gloom for me/us anyway as we were eventually able to meet Isobel Skye who was born last month. It’s great to be a granny!


Anyway, like everyone I hope, we stayed at home on our own for ‘the bells’ at midnight.

Happy New Year everyone.

14 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

    • Stefanie,

      I would never have believed that it would be a month before we were able to travel the 30 miles to see Isobel, I had always imagined being able to help out when they got home.

  1. I love the picture of you and your granddaughter! Congratulations again! I felt like I had fallen in love when my first grandson was born, and we still share a uniquely close relationship.

  2. How great to see you with Isobel! I am sure it won’t be long before they are asking you to babysit frequently – I hope our world gets back into shape so that can happen.

    Does she have your and your son’s hair?

    • Constance,
      As you can imagine, we’ve already volunteered our services, I hope that things get back to normal soonish so we can at least visit them again. Isobel’s hair is very blonde at the moment, but might be growing in with some red/gold tints in it. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

    • FictionFan,
      Same to you and yours! If we do get to change nappies it’ll be a doddle as they’ll be disposables, not the terry ones that we wrangled with!

  3. I am so glad you got to visit with Isobel Skye in person. Lovely photo of the two of you, and I know you look forward to times when you can be with her more often.

    • tracybham,
      Thanks. Our lockdown just got even stricter so she’ll be at least two months or maybe even three months old before we can visit them again. Roll on the vaccines!

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