Ringtons Through the Years jigsaw puzzle – complete

The 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle that I was given by a friend from the North-east of England was quite difficult, but not impossible, and we completed it within four or five days. Well there wasn’t much else that we could do over the very quiet and completely socially responsible (just the two of us) Christmas period. There was of course the usual scrabbling around on the carpet looking for the final piece, luckily we found it.

Ringtons Jigsaw Complete

Everything in the pictorial collage is a part of the company’s history – teapots, tea caddies, vases, dishes, money boxes and commemorative royal mugs. It was the local Maling pottery based in Newcastle that made the original Ringtons wares, but over the years others have manufactured them, including Wade, Wedgewood and Royal Stafford. I presume there are Ringtons collectors around, but the only item we have commemorates the 1929 North-East Coast Industries Exhibition. A similar one features in the jigsaw, the hexagonal blue and white tea caddie on the right edge of the second row.

4 thoughts on “Ringtons Through the Years jigsaw puzzle – complete

  1. Congratulations! Doesn’t it feel good when you place the last piece? We just finished a Rock ‘n Roll jigsaw. Lots of fun. Next on the puzzle table, an astrology puzzle. I think that might be extremely challenging. And there are four puzzles in the box, each puzzle, thankfully, in its own bag!

    • Joan,
      It does feel good and we always do it together with each of us having a finger on the piece as we slide it into place! I think an astrology one would be difficult. We bought a box of four puzzles and I was so relieved when I opened it to see they were all in separate bags!

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