Springtime walk – daffodils

Daffodils , Balbirnie

Over the past week my morning walk for the newspaper has been brighter and sunnier than usual. It’s the daffodils that are doing it. The poor things have been taking a wee bit of a battering from the wind, but they’re tougher than they look.

Daffodils, Balbirnie

These ones are at Balbirnie, a place that has become a lot busier since lockdown!

Daffodils , Balbirnie

6 thoughts on “Springtime walk – daffodils

    • Stefanie,
      Daffodils are so cheery, I can never understand the many people who say they don’t like the colour yellow – I blame Oscar Wilde!

  1. That looks like a lovely walk. I never have planted bulbs, and I was looking into daffodils and it says our area doesn’t get cold enough. Oh well, I guess I should be glad.

    • tracybham,

      What an unusual problem! I didn’t realise they needed to be cold but I suppose if they did flower they wouldn’t last for long in a dry hot atmosphere. I only have some miniature daffs in my garden because the leaves take so long to die down after the flowering and they look untidy for weeks.

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