Six in Six – 2021 Edition

I’m going to be particpating in Jo at The Book Jotters meme – Six in Six – 2021 Edition which means I’ll be doing a blogpost in July listing some of the books that I’ve read over the first six months of this year. Why not join in with us?!

8 thoughts on “Six in Six – 2021 Edition

  1. That does sound like fun, Katrina. Maybe I can do it this year, although I have been struggling just to keep up with reviews lately. My husband retired at the beginning of June and the daily dynamic has changed a lot. In a good way, but still an adjustment to make.

    I did do this meme back in 2012, the first year I was blogging. It would be good to try it again.

    • tracybham,
      Ah I know how different things are when a husband retires, it’s great when every day is a holiday, in normal times anyway! I think I’m about four book reviews behind.

    • Constance,

      I believe you can make up categories of your own such as Six books I hope to read in the future. Or Six books I really didn’t enjoy in the past.

      • Jo,
        I’ve just published my Six in Six post, thanks for organising it, it’s always interesting and often surprising to see the books that I have read in the first six months of the year – or maybe I should say – to notice the books that I haven’t read!

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