My Year in Books on Goodreads 2021

If you are interested you can have a look at my 2021 books here on Goodreads. According to them I read 133 which is not bad as I had signed up to read at least 100. Actually I read a few more than that, for some reason a few didn’t make it onto Goodreads, and one I added twice by mistake. I’ve had a quick tot up of the books I read last year. I always note them down in an old school jotter (very old!) adding them in as I finish them along with notes in the margin denoting the genre.

Stats wise this year it was very uneven as I read 93 by female authors and only 40 by male authors. I have no idea how that happened as usually it’s quite ‘even Stevens’.

I read only three books in translation this year, it’s usually more than that I’m sure.

Only ten were vintage crime which is weird as I love that genre.

19 were contemporary crime.

24 of the books were for children, mainly older books that could be regarded as classics I suppose.

Only 7 of the books I read were non-fiction, I must do better this year.

I read 38 books by Scottish authors.

I read just 11 classics although I am quite strict in what I regard as a classic so that’s not too bad I think.

31 of the books were historical fiction.

Looking through the books I must have spent quite a lot of last year in 18th and 19th century Edinburgh. It must have seemed like a more comfortable place for me to be than the real world of the pandemic! I suspect I’ll be reading more historical fiction in 2022 too.

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