Castle Fraser, Aberdeenshire – the walled garden

As you can see from the photo below box topiary is quite a feature of the walled garden at Castle Fraser, they don’t seem to have a problem with box blight – fingers crossed for them!

Castle Fraser, walled Garden, Aberdeenshire    3

Aberdeenshire is quite far north so it takes the plants a bit longer to get going in the spring.

Castle Fraser Garden, Aberdeenshire

I absolutely love walled gardens though and I still miss the high wall that we had in our old garden.

Castle Fraser, walled Garden 4

Click on the photos to enlarge them if you want to see them in more detail.

Castle Fraser, walled Garden

There’s an unusual old sundial in the garden.

Castle Fraser, walled Garden, sundial
Despite Castle Fraser being fairly far north they are still able to grow fruit, thanks to the walls, and the apple blossom was just beginning to flower when we were there a few weeks ago, it’ll be looking great now I imagine.

espalier, fruit trees, Castle Fraser, Aberdeenshire

4 thoughts on “Castle Fraser, Aberdeenshire – the walled garden

  1. This is so lovely! I am looking out the window at my own hedges in disgust – of course, these people have professional gardeners and I have someone who came last September to get rid of the weeds as a birthday present from my mother.

    I don’t think I am going to get to Scotland on my June trip, alas. I think Castle Howard is as far north as I will go, unless I make it to Barter Books. The original program was 3 weeks in London and 1 week in Edinburgh and I am very disappointed they gave up on the Edinburgh part due to Covid. But of course I will return!

    • Constance,
      That’s a shame that you probably won’t get to Scotland this time around, Covid is retreating here at the moment and was worse in England recently, but you will love Castle Howard anyway. I’m not a big fan of Barter Books, I found it to be very expensive for even quite mundane books. Maybe you will get to the nearby Alnwick Castle which I believe is still owned by the Percy family!

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