Classics Club Spin # 33 – the result

The Classics Club Spin number has been chosen and it’s number 18. That means that before April, 30th I have to read Ordinary Families by E. Arnot Robertson, published by Virago books. It was originally published in 1933.

This book is a fairly recent purchase, I think I bought it just last month in the Edinburgh Stockbridge Oxfam bookshop. I’ve never read anything by the author before – have you? Did you join in the CC Spin this month, if so which book did you get?

6 thoughts on “Classics Club Spin # 33 – the result

  1. I love this book and have read it at least four times. Years ago on a book programme on Radio 4 the one woman on the panel embarrassed the men by remarking that, as far as she knew, it contained the first mention of periods in a popular novel!

    • Jane,
      I wonder if nowadays the men would still be embarrassed – I suspect that they would be. It seems that it’s a love or hate book, maybe it depends on whether the reader is male or female!

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