Leens interior, Burg near Groningen, Netherlands

The dining room at Leens is all set out for a dinner as you can see. I suspect that any children didn’t eat in this room as the table isn’t all that big.

Leens dining room , Netherlands

The ceiling in this room is plastered as you can see from the ceiling rose below. I think in the UK we would describe it as being Georgian in design as it’s a lot more delicate than later Victorian style.

dining room  ceiling, Leens , Netherlands

The bedroom below has wooden ceilings, plaster must have been used for the areas that would be seen by visitors. I think that the shutters on the wall above the bed are there just so that you can see what an earlier wall decoration looked like.

Double bed, Leens, Netherlands

One of the rooms is set up with toys strewn on the floor as if the children have just been playing with them.

Leens sitting room , toys, Netherlands

I suspect that the room below was where the ladies of the house sat as it has sewing and knitting paraphernalia in it. They chose a good room, it would be cosy.

Leens drawing room, sewing, Netherlands

There’s really not a lot of difference between a Dutch  house of this type and a British one, although in Britain there would be an open fire, not a stove like the one below. I’m sure that the stove would be a lot warmer as most of the heat from an open fire goes straight up the chimney.

Reception room, Leens, Netherlands

In the probably unlikely event that you would find yourself in Friesland, north-east Netherlands, you should definitely visit Leens. It’s a lovely house and location.

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  1. So beautiful and I yearn for that bed! The stove looks very cozy and safer than an open fire for a children’s room.

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