Lest we forget – Remembrance Day

This is Wieltje Farm Cemetery in Belgium – literally the corner of a foreign field – which we visited in 2017. It is close to Ypres.

Wieltje Farm Cemetery From Access Path

As you can see from the tractor marks it is in the middle of a working farm but a grass pathway round the side of a house leads to it, so you don’t get your feet muddy.

Wieltje Farm Cemetery, Flanders, Belgium

The view from the opposite end of the cemetery is below.

Wieltje Farm Cemetery, Graves

4 thoughts on “Lest we forget – Remembrance Day

    • Constance,
      We’ve visited a few war grave cemeteries similar to that one. One had only about a dozen graves in it, one of a 15 year old boy soldier, he must have been a drummer boy in the army. Another place has about 20 graves which are situated down a small footpath at the side of houses, so the graves are right at their back gardens. For the locals it’s natural to have all these cemeteries in view. For visitors like us it’s a shock, especially the really big ones, then when you look at the stones a lot of them say that the grave contains the remains of 6 or 8 unknown soldiers.

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