Ivanhoe – chapters 41 – 44 the end

So at last I got to the end of Ivanhoe, slower than planned as life in general got in the way, mainly in the shape of looking for a new home, not as easy as I thought it would be, … Continue reading

Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott chapters 31 to 40

As you will realise there are many words involved in these chapters but putting it succinctly – Poor Rebecca, daughter of Isaac of York, a Jewish moneylender, has been abducted by Brian de Bois Guilbert and taken to Templestowe, the … Continue reading

Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott – chapters 20 to 30

Continuing the adventures of Ivanhoe, last time we left them Cedric and his company, including his daughter Rowena and Isaac the Jewish moneylender and his daughter Rebecca had all been taken prisoner by the Norman lord, Front de Boeuf. Front … Continue reading

Ivanhoe – to chapter 20

I’m just going to give a sketchy summary of the story so far. It should be from chapter 11 to chapter 20 but due to my confusion, and a lack of an actual book to leaf through as my own … Continue reading

Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe – to chapter 10

Well I say to chapter 10 but numbers never were my strong point and I’ve just checked the original comments between myself and Judith and realise that although we had agreed on chapter 10, I’ve read on to chapter 14 … Continue reading

Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe abridged!

I’ve just managed to plough my way through my very first book by Sir Walter Scott, I had tried before and failed miserably and I hardly ever give up on books – it was The Talisman which felled me. So … Continue reading

Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire

On our trip down south last month we stayed for one night only at Ashby de la Zouch in Leicestershire, just because I’ve always been intrigued by the French name of the town. However the road signs pointing to it … Continue reading

Classics Club = 68 classics read since 2012

I joined the Classics Club way back in 2012 with the intention of reading 55 classics by the time my 55th birthday came around. Sadly I missed that deadline, shockingly I’m getting on for 58 now! I recently realised that … Continue reading

A Classics Club Group Check-In #18

It’s the Classics Club Group Check-In #18 and I thought I would take the chance to peruse my entire Classics Club list. It has changed quite a lot since I signed up for the Classics Club, mainly because I’ve added … Continue reading

Classics Club Meme

August 2015 Meme: Contributed by BookerTalk, who joined us in August 2012: “Have you made changes to your list since you first created it? If you added any new titles or removed some, why did you make those changes?” Below … Continue reading