Dumbarton Castle and environs

Last week I was at Dumbarton Castle which is an old friend to me as I used to play around it when I was a wee girl as I lived not far from the castle. It might be a disappointment … Continue reading

Dumbarton Castle

If, in your travels you find yourself to be going just a wee bit north of Glasgow, then you should definitely find time to break your journey at Dumbarton Castle. The name Dumbarton derives from Dun Breatann meaning fortress of … Continue reading

Dumbarton Castle

In celebration of Dumbarton Football Club being promoted to the Second Division, I thought I would photograph some of my collection of prints and postcards of Dumbarton. Note the mediaeval instrument of torture on the left. (Only joking; but it … Continue reading

Dumbarton and the River Clyde

Back at Dumbarton Castle again, and you get some lovely views from there, below is the River Clyde, looking over to its south bank. And below looking over to Langbank on the other side of the river from Dumbarton. Obviously … Continue reading

Dumbarton from the Air

Have you been on to the new site Britain from Above? I just had to go on to see what the town I grew up in looked like in the aerial photos. The houses in the top left hand of … Continue reading

The Bells of Dumbarton by Lucy Lincoln Montgomery

I bought the above book from a well known auction site the other day and it arrived this morning. It was published by (ahem) The Religious Tract Society and it says under the title – A New England Story. I … Continue reading

Glencairn House, Dumbarton

This is the oldest building in Dumbarton, it dates back to 1623 and it is situated in the High Street next door to what used to be the good old Woolworths store, now sadly missed. Most of the time I … Continue reading

River Leven at Dumbarton

My family moved to Dumbarton from Glasgow when I was 5 years old and much as I love Glasgow I must admit that city life isn’t ideal for families. It was heaven to have such easy access to the hills … Continue reading

The Little Broomstick by Mary Stewart

When Anbolyn@Gudrun’s Tights first mentioned her Mary Stewart Reading Week I thought that it was a great excuse for me to re-read the Merlin books which I adored as a teenager yonks ago. Then I realised that my own copies … Continue reading

The Wicked Day by Mary Stewart

I went through a Mary Stewart phase as a teenager and I read the first three books of this series way back in the 1970s and I absolutely loved them. The Merlin trilogy comprises of The Hollow Hills, The Crystal … Continue reading