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  1. Very interested to read your article on Audrey Erskine Lindop. I didn’t realize she wrote “I. start counting” – a favourite read for me when I was a young teenager in the seventies, living in Hertfordshire. Prior to this; I was born and lived ’til I was six years old in Kenya. Our next door neighbour was a sir Erskine who kept ostriches in his garden. He showed me their beautiful big eggs like rugby balls and gave my parents a signed copy of “The singer not the song”

    • Anne Julie Young,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I’ve never come across – I start counting. That’s one I’ll have to look out for. It’s a shame that Audrey Erskine Lindop seems to be almost forgotten now as she was really quite a good writer. I wonder how the Sir Erskine was related to her, possibly he was her brother.

  2. Slightly off piste in relation to content of website but I am wanting to say a very sincere thank you to Katrina and Jack for listening to me ramble on today on the beach at Kingsbarns. I really am most grateful to you for your time today and it was super meeting you both. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your walk. With enormous thanks to you for your kindness. Karen Robertson, Largoward, Fife

    • Karen,

      It was lovely to meet you and see your Andrew surfing at Kingsbarns, something I never imagined I would see. We had a good walk, thanks and then had lunch at The Scranhoose and went on to St Andrews – a good day out. Maybe we can meet up again sometime, for a coffee or something.

      Best wishes,
      Katrina Stephen

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