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  1. Very interested to read your article on Audrey Erskine Lindop. I didn’t realize she wrote “I. start counting” – a favourite read for me when I was a young teenager in the seventies, living in Hertfordshire. Prior to this; I was born and lived ’til I was six years old in Kenya. Our next door neighbour was a sir Erskine who kept ostriches in his garden. He showed me their beautiful big eggs like rugby balls and gave my parents a signed copy of “The singer not the song”

    • Anne Julie Young,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I’ve never come across – I start counting. That’s one I’ll have to look out for. It’s a shame that Audrey Erskine Lindop seems to be almost forgotten now as she was really quite a good writer. I wonder how the Sir Erskine was related to her, possibly he was her brother.

  2. Slightly off piste in relation to content of website but I am wanting to say a very sincere thank you to Katrina and Jack for listening to me ramble on today on the beach at Kingsbarns. I really am most grateful to you for your time today and it was super meeting you both. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your walk. With enormous thanks to you for your kindness. Karen Robertson, Largoward, Fife

    • Karen,

      It was lovely to meet you and see your Andrew surfing at Kingsbarns, something I never imagined I would see. We had a good walk, thanks and then had lunch at The Scranhoose and went on to St Andrews – a good day out. Maybe we can meet up again sometime, for a coffee or something.

      Best wishes,
      Katrina Stephen

  3. I’ve just stumbled across your blog and would love to see more. Now living in Pittenweem I am one of a team of volunteers who have taken over our local library since Fife ‘Cultural Trust’ save fit to close it (or seek an ‘alternative delivery model’). The library is now Pittenweem Community Library and Information Centre and has issued over 150 readers’ tickets. More info at:

    • Sam Wade,
      Thanks for dropping by. We were part of the campaign to stop the closure of libraries in Fife – all to no avail of course although I believe the Falkland library is also now community run. Our nearest (Markinch) closed. It seems that readers in Fife are a very low priority for the council. I hope that your Pittenweem Community Library is a success, I would join if we were nearer but we aren’t in that area very often.


  4. We moved to the South West from the South East nearly 14 years ago and have no regrets at all. The landscape is wonderful, the people are friendly and accept us and the pace of life is slightly “laid back” which suits us fine.

    • Ann Sharman,
      I don’t know why it should be but the western parts of the UK seem always to have a much friendlier atmosphere, whether they’re in the north or south. Of course the western areas have much better scenery too. People always used to say that there was much more rain in the west but I don’t think that’s true nowadays.
      Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment.


  5. I’m on your D E Stevenson email group. I was so happy to see you had a blog about the west of Scotland! I am reading two books you may have read, or might want to, if you haven’t: ‘Calum’s Road’, and ‘The Soap Man, Lewis, Harris, and Lord Leverhulme’

    • Julie,
      Welcome to ‘Pining’. I blog about any parts of Scotland that I visit, but also anywhere else interesting that we’ve been – even England! I haven’t read either of those books yet, I’ll add them to my list. Thanks for taking the time to comment. If you look down my list of categories you might find older blogposts of interest to you.

  6. I just subscribed after coming here via the Classics Club. I was born in Scotland (Greenock) but now live in Australia. We went back in 2019, just before everything closed up but I do hope to get back again some day.

    • Carol,

      I was born in Glasgow but moved to Dumbarton when I was five, so I grew up just across the Clyde from you. We were in Greenock some years ago, on the way to Largs wondering if we might retire there but decided against it. Fingers crossed we’ll get back to normality sometime and be able to travel around again easily.


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