Dokkum, Friesland

When we were in the Netherlands recently we visited Dokkum which is a fortified town in the north-east municipality of Noardeast-Fryslan in the province of Friesland. It’s a very scenic town.

Dokkum Canal + Brewery , Netherlands

Of course there are canals all over the Netherlands, but Dokkum is at the end of the road so to speak. During really cold winters when the canals freeze over enough they have ice skating races on the canals in eleven towns in Friesland, and this is the last one.

Dokkum Canal, Friesland, Netherlands

Dokkum Bridges ,Canal, Netherlands


Canal Boats, Dokkum, Friesland, Netherlands

Small canals lead into a bigger one. In some places people have their boat moored in front of their house, much better than a car!

Dokkum, Small Canal, Friesland

I think this a laburnum tree by the side of the canal in the photo below although it’s difficult to say as the flowers weren’t properly open yet.

Dokkum Canal , Laburnum Tree

This is a lovely town, well worth visiting if you are in the vicinity, but we were there on a Monday and not all of the shops were open, this is quite common in Friesland.