Gerry Goes to School by Elinor M. Brent-Dyer

Gerry Goes to School cover

Gerry Goes to School by Elinor M. Brent-Dyer which was first published in 1922 is the very first book that the author had published, so it isn’t one of her famous Chalet School books. It’s an entertaining read although obviously from a rooky writer. It’s the first book in the La Rochelle series.

Geraldine (Gerry) is an orphan as her parents were killed in an accident, and since then she has been brought up by very staid and strict great-aunts. They’re distant cousins of the Trevennor family and when the great-aunts have to go abroad for 18 months they arrange to have Geraldine staying with that family. They already have ten children (I think) so one more won’t make much difference!

Geraldine had never been to school before as her great-aunts had arranged for her to be taught at home by a governess. The whole experience is going to be a huge culture shock for Gerry as she’s soon nicknamed by the Trevennor children. Gerry has never heard any slang words, but she soon picks them up, it’s just as well that her great-aunts are miles away in Madeira! Of course Gerry goes from being a quiet wee thing to blossoming within the school and Trevennor family atmospheres.

This was a good read although an early book by Brent-Dyer. My copy is a re-print by Girls Gone By Books and although their books are paperbacks they’re beautifully produced and have lots of extra information on the author and the publishing history, plus a short story by Helen Barber is included at the end of the book. This was a comfort read for me and I’ll definitely be reading more of the series, if I can get a hold of them.