The Secrets of Meadow Farmhouse by Katie Ginger

Katie Ginger

The Secrets of Meadow Farmhouse by Katie Ginger is the first book that I’ve read by the author, it’s not really my usual sort of book but it was a bit of a comfort read in pandemic times, and despite having a fair idea of how it was going to end (this is possibly an attraction of romances – no big shocks!) I still found it to be an entertaining read.

Amelia has been living in Paris for the last ten years, she has carved out a successful interior design career there and seems settled, but when she unexpectedly inherits a farmhouse from her Great Aunt Vera she returns to Meadowbank, the village in England where she had grown up, to deal with the sale of the farmhouse. Amelia’s parents had died when she was only eight years old and Vera had taken her in, but when Amelia left the village to go to university she and Vera had had a disagreement – and Amelia had never returned.

But it wasn’t only Vera that Amelia had cut ties with. She had promised to contact her boyfriend Adam who also lived in the village, but she hadn’t done so. Adam is still living in the village and Amelia is nervous of meeting him again, in reality it’s his mother that she should be nervous of!

While Amelia is clearing out Vera’s cottage she is intrigued by a locket that she finds there. It has two photographs in it, but no clue as to who they are of. Maybe a local historian will be able to help her. Vera had always been rather standoffish with the villagers but Amelia finds them to be friendly and she realises that she doesn’t really have any friends in Paris. That coupled with the fact that she is growing more attached to her old childhood home leads her to re-think her plans, but will Adam feature in them? This was an enjoyable read.

The Secrets of Meadow Farmhouse was published on the 17th of March 2021 and I was sent a digital copy of it via NetGalley.