Bronte by Glyn Hughes

I’ve just finished volume 2 of Pepys Diary and I’ve decided to take a bit of a break from London 1666.

As I was saying earlier, I bought a few books at the charity bookshops in Stockbridge, Edinburgh last week. One of them was Bronte by Glyn Hughes which was published in 1996 but I haven’t come across it until now.

I just started it last night so I haven’t got very far with it but already I’m really enjoying it and finding it such an advantage to have actually visited Haworth as I can picture everything so clearly now.

So must get on with it now and a review will be forthcoming at some point.

1 thought on “Bronte by Glyn Hughes

  1. I hadn’t heard of this bio so I checked Amazon and found a used copy for $.01. Can’t beat that–even with $3.99 shipping! Looks like a really good bio–much better than the trashy Diaries of Charlotte Bronte which I really can’t bear enough to finish.

    I’ll be interested in hearing if it holds up throughout.

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