Scottish words: Teuchter

Teuchter is what someone from the Highlands of Scotland is called by people from the Lowlands. It is pronounced – tyou-chter.

The word has derogative connotations, meaning something like a country bumpkin. Someone who isn’t very knowledgable, a bit of a simpleton in the big city.

Teuchter is always said scornfully, which brings me to the belief that if Scotland did have independence, it wouldn’t be all that long before we were split down clan lines again. Let’s face it – we are really tribal.

Or is that just in the east of Scotland and I have lived here so long that I think it is normal for people to be insular and cliquey.

They do say that ‘It takes a lang spoon to sup with a Fifer.’ after all. I’ll certainly never have a spoon lang enough.

On the other hand, I don’t mind Teuchters at all.

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