Scottish words – drookit

Drookit is what we were today. We visited my sister and it started to rain during the drive back home. It was absolutely torrential, just about the heaviest rain that I have ever seen. It was very windy too so I think we must have been getting the tail end of a hurricane, which happens quite often in this area.

In the 5 second dash from the car into the house we were absolutely soaked, drowned, or as we say in Scotland – drookit.

1 thought on “Scottish words – drookit

  1. My late friend’s granddaughter once drew me a picture after I told her my cat had come home drookit! You should see it! There’s me with a mouth looking like a row of Ws, and Fergus the cat with loads of rain drops coming off him, and the story was Auntie Evelyn was cross when Fergus came home drookit! It is wonderful. Rachel was just a wee lass then. She’s 21 now!!! I hope she still uses the word drookit!

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