Gardeners’ World on BBC 2

For me having Gardeners’ World back on TV is one of the first signs of spring. Well I’ve never heard a real cuckoo calling which is the usual sign beloved of correspondents to The Times letters page.

I had actually given up watching Gardeners World last year because I just couldn’t take to the new presenters, Toby and Alys. I gave them a really good try but it just wasn’t happening for me. So I was chuffed when I heard that Monty Don is back at the helm again, and it should be even better than before because the action is all happening at Monty’s real garden, Long Meadow in Herefordshire.

Having just viewed the first programme I think it’s going to be a big improvement on Greenacres. Long Meadow is my kind of garden, I’ve been taking cuttings from box plants for years, with the intention of designing my own Celtic knot garden sometime in the future so it was nice to see that Monty has been doing the same thing.

Mind you, I still miss poor old Geoff Hamilton and Barnsdale, he was my absolute favourite – a knowledgeable gardener with a great sense of humour. He died far too young, but at least he left us a fair amount of books about gardening to look back on.

But if you want to see a wee bit of his last programme you can see it here.

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