The Field of Blood by Denise Mina on BBC

I really enjoyed watching the adaptation of Denise Mina’s book The Field of Blood which was on TV on Sunday and Monday evenings. I haven’t read the book so I don’t know how faithful it was to the storyline but it did have a great cast of actors, have a look here.

It was set in Glasgow in 1982 and everything was so recognisably of that time, it was quite nostalgic really. Paddy Meehan’s home brought it all back, white pyrex dishes and all – now very collectable btw!

Has anybody read the book? I read Denise Mina’s Still Midnight recently and although I love crime fiction (but not the gory type) and Glasgow so the book should have been an all round winner for me, somehow it failed to hit the spot. It didn’t have that sense of place which for me is the signature of Scottish writers, very weird when you consider what a strong character the city of Glasgow has.

Can anybody recommend a Denise Mina book which I should try reading?

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