Little Grey Partridge by Ishobel Ross

It’s Remembrance Sunday today so I decided to mention one of my many books about The Great War. Little Grey Partridge is a diary which was written by Ishobel Ross who was born on the Isle of Skye but trained as a cookery teacher in Edinburgh.

After attending a lecture on the need for volunteers to join the Scottish Women’s Hospital Unit in Serbia by Dr Elsie Inglis, Ishobel did just that. The diary begins in July 1916 with Ishobel being waved off by friends and family at Waverley station in Edinburgh and by the beginning of August she is on a hospital ship bound for Salonika. By September she is in a hospital camp just five miles away from the fighting and she says: It is awful to think that every boom means so many lives lost. They say the bombardment will continue for four or five days. What noise! Some of us went to the top of the hill tonight and saw the flashes from the guns. What a gorgeous night too, with the moon shining and the hills looking so lovely. The thought of so much killing and chaos so near to all this beauty made me so sad.

It’s an interesting read with lots of photos too.

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