The Falls of Dochart, Killin

At Falls of Dochart

Above is a photo of Evee, myself and Peggy, which Jack took at the Falls of Dochart. We were on our way to Fort William when Evee said at one point that we could do a quick wee detour to the Falls as we weren’t far from them. Evee knows that area far better than we do so we bowed to her superior knowledge and sure enough – in no time we were there.

The waterfalls are beautiful, noisy and really a bit scary when you get close to them because they are sort of mesmerising, and you definitely don’t want to fall in.

Apart from the falls there was the usual sort of touristy shop but also a charity shop with an arts and crafty shop upstairs. I do believe that I managed not to buy anything in it but it was interesting, and Peggy definitely did buy some ‘stuff’ as did Evee I think.

If you want to see more photos of the actual falls you should hop over to Jack here.

The charity shop is located in an old water mill which must have used the water from the falls to power it in its heyday, the wheel is still in situation.

Falls of Dochart Mill Wheel

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