Affairs at Hampden Ferrers by Brian Aldiss

Affairs at Hampden Ferrers cover

Affairs at Hampden Ferrers by Brian Aldiss has been enticing me to read it for ages, it had been at the top of a pile of Jack’s TBR books, and I got to it before he did. Brian Aldiss is mainly a science fiction writer, not my favourite genre, but I was charmed by the book cover, not always a good thing.

I think I would give this book three stars. At times it really reminded me of a sort of updated Barbara Pym. The setting is the same as many of her books, a village near Oxford, Hampden Ferrers and it’s about the lives of its inhabitants as you would expect. There are love affairs and just relationships, the stuff of any small settlement, but every now and again it gets very weird. Almost like a few of the inhabitants are on drugs, but in the case of the vicar, is he having a vision? – unlikely as he is seeing an angel in an old tee shirt. Not really my cup of tea. I still like the cover though.

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