Sueno’s Stone, at Forres, Morayshire

When we visited Elgin back in May one of the places on our list of places/things to visit was Sueno’s Stone on the outskirts of Forres. It’s enormous, 21 feet of ninth century stone, intricately carved with Pictish designs and possibly depicting a battle. The monolith has had a glass enclosure erected around it in recent years to protect it from the elements, as you can imagine the weather can be severe up there in winter.

Sueno's Stone, Forres

The designs are very detailed and are on all of the stone’s surfaces, so we were there quite a while taking photos and examining the designs.

Sueno's Stone Closer view

Apparently there’s a tale locally that the stone is where Macbeth met the three witches and that their souls are trapped inside the stone. It’s believed that the stone is in its original position, some Pictish stones have been relocated over the years apparently.

Sueno's Stone, Side View

While we were there a man arrived and quickly walked around the stone using his phone to video it, at no point did he actually look at the stone, apart from through his phone, and within 90 seconds he was off, no doubt to the next thing of interest and probably uploading it to Facebook as he went! That’s modern life for some I suppose!

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