The Printmaker’s Art Exhibition, at the National Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh

Last week we went to The Printmaker’s Art exhibition  in Edinburgh. Here are a few of the highlights. This exhibition isn’t a free one, unless you are a ‘Friend of the Galleries’. It costs £14 for an adult ticket.  It was very busy, possibly because it doesn’t have all that long to run now, it closes on February the 25th.  The prints below are some of my favourites.


Sudden Shower below the Summit by Hokusai.

Hokusai Print


Concert Hall by Sybil Andrews

Sybil Andrews, Concert Hall


Virginia Woolf by her sister Vanessa Bell

Vanessa Bell


Jane Avril by Toulouse Lautrec

Jane Avril, Toulouse Lautrec


The Triple Hecate by William Blake

William Blake, The Triple Hecate


Grey Horse Head by Elisabeth Frink

Grey horse head, Elizabeth Frink

It’s a big exhibition, with four large rooms to visit, featuring Warhol, Picasso, Elizabeth Blackadder, Durer, Lichtenstein, Hockney and many more. I always find art galleries to be too hot and so exhausting, but it was well worth visiting.

10 thoughts on “The Printmaker’s Art Exhibition, at the National Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh

  1. Thank you so much for those images!

    I’m fascinated by the Hokusai print. The artist has made the slopes of Mt Fuji much steeper than they are in reality. On clear winter days the mountain is visible from the entire Tokyo area, especially at sunset, when the silhouette is outlined against the orange sky. It’s remarkable how Hokusai injected so much power into what must have been a familiar sight to the people of his day.

    Seeing the Blake print, my mind went back to my grammar school literature teacher. He once commented that Blake was a brilliant artist and a mediocre poet. I tend to the opposite view, so each time I see a Blake print I can’t help wondering what I’m missing.

    I sympathize with your dislike of hot and exhausting galleries. Were the visitors to the National Scottish Gallery exhibition moving in a steady stream from exhibit to exhibit, or did they congregate around particular prints?

    • Janusz,
      Thank you for painting your own pcture of Mt Fuji for me. I know that I’ll never see it because I’m not keen on flying.

      Re Blake, he was certainly talented although definitely a bit weird with it, but artists of all varieties often are!

      There’s nothing at all organised about the galleries, everyone just mills around as they wish, that’s good as you can miss out things that don’t appeal to you, however it can mean that people stand for ages in front of something that you want to take a photo of – very annoying.

  2. Great to see some of the exhibition through your favourite prints thanks. In Winchester High Street there is an Elizabeth Frink Sculpture Horse and Rider.

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