The National Gallery of Scotland, Princes Street, Edinburgh/ The Royal Scottish Academy

When we visited The National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh last week to see The Printmaker’s Art exhibition we also took the time to look at an exhibition there called Now and Then, sponsored by Visual Arts Scotland.

I wasn’t a big fan of the way it was organised because there is no information about the paintings. They’re all for sale, but you have to enquire at a desk for any info and prices, very off-putting I think. Just a couple of them had been sold, for that reason I think. So the photos below are just a few of the works that I liked, but won’t be buying!

I was attracted to the painting below because it reminds me of a children’s book illustration, especially those from Eastern Europe, for some reason, but also like a painted sampler.

Like a children's book cover

The three below seemed very atmospheric to me.

Three pictures

Below isn’t a painting at all, it has been machine stitched, and the effect is quite beautiful when viewed from close up, and at a distance.

Machine Stitch

And below is an atmospheric cityscape – I think.

Cityscape by Karen Laird

If you want to explore the galleries – art and artists –  virtually, from the comfort of your own sofa, you can do so here.


5 thoughts on “The National Gallery of Scotland, Princes Street, Edinburgh/ The Royal Scottish Academy

  1. Thank you for the new batch of images from the National Gallery of Scotland. I can picture the beauty of the machine-stitched creations when viewed from different angles and under different lighting conditions.

    I followed the link you provided and watched a short video on hidden codes in LGBTQ+ Art. A few of them I knew; most of them I didn’t. It was a pity that the producers of the video presented the interviews in short inter-spliced soundbites. I would have loved to see and hear some of the contributors talking freely and at length. There was enough material in there for a leisurely and very informative documentary.

    • Janusz,
      I had a look at that link, I didn’t know most of the modern codes but knew about green carnations, pink triangles and the polari language, but not about peacock feathers, I have lots of them in my house as decorations but I thinkof it as an art nouveau thing.

      I sometimes thing that people who make these short films fear that people have a really short attention span, and often things are repeated or said in a slightly different way, it really annoys me.

  2. Lovely article, but just to let you know these are from an exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy. The Royal Scottish Academy is not part of the National Galleries of Scotland, although it is attached to the National building.

    • Lisa Bennett,
      Thanks for pointing that out. It is confusing as you go through the doors of the National Galleries of Scotland first. I suspect that the Royal Scottish Academy will be difficult for people to find if the National Galleries building isn’t mentioned.
      Regards, Katrina

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