Shifting Vistas, City Art Centre, Edinburgh

Last month we visted the City Art Centre in Edinburgh to see their Shifting Vistas exhibition, 250 years of Scottish landscape. It’s on until the 2nd of June 2024.


The painting above is called Threatening Storm, it’s by the Scottish artist Sir William Gillies. I took just a few photos of some of my favourites.

Gillies blurb

A Late Snowfall, Galloway by Charles Oppenheimer.

Kirkcudbright blurb

Kirkcudbright, Charles Oppenheimr, A Late Snowfall,

A Corrie in Argyllshire

Loch Leven,Glencoe Info


Loch Leven,Glencoe


Temple info, Scottish art

When I saw Street in Temple (a village in Midlothian, near Edinburgh) I at first felt that it was a place that I know, but I’ve never been to Temple, it’s just so typically Scottish, it could be in almost any old town or village.

Street in Temple, Sir William Gillies

The City Art Centre is situated behindĀ  Waverley Station, it’s usually well worth a visit, whatever is on. Entry is free. And it has a good cafe.









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