2 thoughts on “The Chelsea Flower Show 2024

  1. These gardens are amazing but can’t be undertaken by a single person, surely?

    Have you read the Katie Fforde where the heroine is doing a garden competition? It was the first one I read, Wild Designs, and I appreciated the middle aged heroine as well as all the gardening bits. However, I do think her older heroines have much too easy a time finding men their age!

    • Constance,
      No they might have been designed by one person, but a whole team of people puts them together. They’re also often environmentally unfriendly, sometimes using lots of concrete, but a lot of them are moved to hospitals or care homes at the end of the show, so at least they are enjoyed by lots of people, and must give a lot of pleasure.
      No I haven’t read that Katie Fforde book, in fact I’ve never read any, maybe I should give her a go.

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