De Sebaldebuurster Molenpolder (Sebaldeburen Windmill)

It has been fairly quiet on Pining recently because we were in the north-east of the Netherlands, in Friesland, visiting the Dutch branch of my family, my brother has lived in NL for over 50 years. I had intended blogging while we were away but I never did find the time for it.  In recent years Jack and I have been exploring this rural area, but amazingly we hadn’t ever visited a windmill, we rectified that this time.

Windmill at Subaldeburen, The Netherlands

From a distance they look so peaceful and scenic, but when you get up close they are really quite scarily noisy, and like something designed by Heath Robinson, but more about that in another post.

4 thoughts on “De Sebaldebuurster Molenpolder (Sebaldeburen Windmill)

    • Stefanie,
      We had a great time, despite the cold and wet weather. I just wish it wasn’t such a long journey to get there – and back – by car to England – ferry and car again.

  1. Hi Katrina,
    This is a perfectly lovely windmill, and a great photo!
    Glad to hear you’re safely back at home now.
    Happy gardening and reading!
    I hope you have lots of sun for the garden, but no heat waves!
    I’ll admit I’m a bit a-feared of the one that’s coming our way.
    We have a bird, an Eastern Phoebe, who has built a nest over our main door. We did everything we could think of to discourage her (them), but THEY PREVAILED!
    She has at least one young one in the nest now, but it’s not a good location due to its exposure to sun and heat. Oh, dear–
    Wishing both you and Jack well!


    • Judith,
      It looks like our weather might be cheering up a bit this week, not much rain anyway. I had never even heard of a Phoebe bird, it looks very sweet, I hope that they succeed in hatching, make sure you put some water out for them! We did a lot of bird watching while we were in NL – from the kitchen window – they have woodpeckers and all sorts of finches, and a very busy wee mouse! We hope that everything is going well with you both.

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