My Garden in May

For most of May I was wondering what had happened to the weather as it seemed very reluctant to warm up and the swifts/swallows were nowhere to be seen. They were obviously hanging back and not flying to the UK until it heated up a bit. They arrived at last but I’m sure that they were up to two months later than in previous years. We happened to be in Holland when they arrived there and by the time we got back home they were here too, although not in great numbers.
physocarpus and forget-me-nots
When we got back – the garden had exploded into growth! and this week the first rose appeared. It’s a climber called Golden Showers – can you believe? and I’m growing it in a large pot. I had it growing up the front of the old house that we moved from three years ago and when I saw one for sale at the Scottish Garden Show in Edinburgh last summer I decided to buy it again as it has a lovely scent too, something that seems to be difficult to come by nowadays.
yellow rose 1

This dwarf acer dissectum atropurpurea is a great colour and I like it even better combined with this Euphorbia Fireglow. I never worry about colours clashing in the garden as in general the various shades of green always save the day and tone it all down.
acer and euphorbia fireglow

Yet more red in the shape of planta genista or in other words broom, as they used to tie bits of it to a stick and use it for sweeping purposes back in the year dot. It’s the plant that was the emblem of the Plantagenets.
red broom

Acers or Japanese maples

This year in the garden, all the plants and flowers in my garden have been weeks later than usual in coming into flower or leaf, but at last my acers have made it and it was worth the wait.

I’m really lucky that I can grow acers as I know lots of people have difficulty with them. Their leaves are very delicate so they do tend to frazzle and burn in hot sunshine or wind.

We have a high wall at the bottom of our garden and I think that it protects them from the worst of the salty wind that you get around here. Very hot sunshine isn’t something that we are plagued by.

I have found that acers are very obliging too. I managed to move quite a large one a couple of years ago with no problem at all. I think as long as you keep them well watered after moving them they are quite happy.