Today yet another young man’s body was ‘repatriated’ via Wootton Bassett. Liam Tasker was the 358th fatality since 2001. And I can’t tell you how depressed it makes me, I can’t help thinking that it’s such a waste of young lives. Mind you, I was against the war in Afghanistan from the beginning as I think that we should be able to learn from history instead of repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Wootton Bassett came to a standstill today for a soldier who was born in the same hospital as my two boys. In fact he was born just a few months before my eldest son, but he moved away to another part of Fife in his childhood. I suppose they’ll still add his name to the local war memorial though.

The ashes of Theo, his 22 month old sniffer dog were flown home on the same aeroplane. Theo died of a seizure shortly after his handler died.

I blame Tony Blair.