Agatha Raisin and the Terrible Tourist by M.C. Beaton

This book is the one which follows Agatha and the Murderous Marriage, in which her fiance James Lacey decides he can’t go through with marriage to Agatha. So in Terrible Tourist Agatha has followed James to North Cyprus which was supposed to be their honeymoon destination. Her friend Mrs. Bloxby has advised her not to go as she says – no man likes to feel that he is being chased, but Agatha is determined to keep James in sight and win him back to her.

There’s a strange mixture of personalities amongst the other tourists, from Essex common but rich to ‘county’ snobs and to Agatha’s amazement they have all become friends, despite some nasty remarks passing between them originally.

When one of the group becomes the first murder victim, they are all under suspicion, including Agatha.

Another relaxing hoot of a book, perfect for hot days out in the garden. Marshmallow reading. Just remind me never to go to Cyprus, apparently it smells of jasmine, a scent which I have never been able to bear, give me freesia or honeysuckle anyday!